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Theme prices depend on your theme developer. Generally, they range from $39 to $135 per year.

WordPress Premium Security is $99 per year.

WordPress Security Dashboard
  • Block the Newest Exploits: Premium customers receive new firewall rules the moment the threat intelligence team releases them. When attackers invent new techniques to exploit WordPress, new firewall rules are deployed to protect Premium customers in real-time. You are protected from the newest exploits as they are discovered.
  • Detect the Newest Malware: Premium customers receive new malware detection capabilities in real-time. The security team writes detection signatures for new malware variants and immediately deploys those signatures to your Security installation, giving you the ability to detect even the newest malware. The malware signatures are used by your firewall to prevent hackers from uploading malware, and they’re used by your scanner to detect any malware in your filesystem.
  • Block Malicious IP Addresses in Real-Time: The Security program is used by over 4 million websites, which means that attack reports are produced from millions of websites every day. The Security team knows who is attacking WordPress. The sophisticated real-time algorithm is continuously updating the blocklist containing 25,000 to 60,000 active malicious IP addresses. Premium customers regularly receive updates to this list which outright prevents these dangerous IP addresses from accessing your site.