Why update and secure your WordPress site?

  • Updates often fix bugs.
  • Some updates improve the performance of WordPress, plug-ins or themes.
  • Updates can introduce new features.
  • Keep your WordPress files, theme and plug-ins up to date so that if you want to refresh your style, you do not have to completely revamp your whole site.

Here are three (3) security packages that include update and other safekeeping measures to protect your website for the long term.

Maintenance Plus
Advanced Security
Price: $45 $75 $135
Sale: $34 $49 $99
Daily Security Monitoring – with firewall and brute force attack protection against malware injection attempts. You will receive monthly (if preferred weekly or daily) reports. included included   Premium included   Premium
Secure Off-Site Backups – Regular backups for fast recovery during an emergency. included included included  Daily backups for busy sites.
WordPress Core Updates included included included
Theme & Plugin Updates *
* Premium charges from theme and plug-in developers are charged separately.
included included included
Monthly or Quarterly Reports included included included
Discount on other hourly services (up to 4 hours per month). not included included   10% discount included   15% discount
Spam & Revisions Cleanup not included included included
Vulnerability Scan – We review your site for known security flaws before an attacker can take advantage of them. We look for exposures in your hosting system, web technologies and content management system. If flaws are found, we can provide solutions at a reduced hourly rate. not included included included
Malware Scan – A hacked site may go unnoticed for months. We looks for defacement, SEO spam, malicious redirects, phishing pages and other malicious content. The sooner your site is corrected, the less damage is done. Discovering a compromised site before search engines and your customers do! not included included included
Check for Thousands of Back Doors – When a hacker compromises a site, they often leave behind code to allow them to return (even after a site is cleaned) and edit your content remotely. We search for thousands of known back door files every time we scan your site. not included included included
Comprehensive Blacklist Review of search engine, spam and malicious site blacklists during every scan. Landing on just one blacklist can have a significant impact on your SEO rankings, site traffic and email delivery. Protect your business and reputation by staying off of them. not included included   Check over 20 different search engine, spam and malicious site blacklists. included   Check over 100 different search engine, spam and malicious site blacklists.
Search Engine Optimization – If SEO matters to your business, you need to review your links. We check your links for anything that might hurt your SEO rankings or get your site blacklisted. not included included included
Email and Site Hosting and Email host uptime monitoring. not included not included included
Log File reviews – We check your log files for unusual activities. not included not included included

Please note: If your site has not been updated for more than 3 months and/or if you have more than 10 plug-ins, we will need to update your website to a current version and clean up your plug-ins first.  The cost of the first update depends on the number of plug-ins and age of the website.

We recommend eliminating any plugin that is not providing an essential function for your site.

If your website has already been infected by malware, we will need to rebuild your site in a clean space and update it, its template and all plug-ins to the latest version first.  If you have saved a backup of your database prior to the malware infection, we will use it to rebuild your site.  We will also need to communicate to search engines and security sites that your site has been cleared of malware and is safe for use. Fees for this service depend on your individual situation, and whether you have a usable database to reconstruct your site.