Susana’s Business Perspectives

About Blue Wave Web DesignI started designing websites in 2001, when I built and optimized the web site for my first company. I realized at that time that I preferred website development to the business I was running. In 2002, I closed the company and enrolled in an Internet Technologies program at NYU.

I worked as a website designer and developer for Affinity Internet, then Hostway Corp, both large hosting companies. Later I developed client websites for a local marketing company, did some freelancing, and then opened Blue Wave Web Design. Working for large hosting companies gave me good insights that I incorporated into the business.

My goal for Blue Wave Web Design is to provide excellent value by focusing on our clients’ most important attributes and unique qualities, implementing best practices, and combining specialties for maximum results.

Before starting a project, we study each client’ goals and preferences. We then provide customized solutions tailored to their business. During the development process, we integrate website design and development with graphic design, content development, and SEO services for maximum results.

We guarantee our work. We deliver all proposed items error free. If you find any errors or problems with our service, we will correct it free of charge.

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Website Development

professional full stack website developerAndrew is a Result-oriented Full Stack Website Developer with over 7 years of experience building Websites.
He solves problems of various complexities and does that in a sensible period of time.
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Graphic Design

professional graphic designerALBERTO is a professional Graphic Designer since 1999. He specializes in web and print quality designs, with projects successfully delivered worldwide. Adobe products managed with expertise. Alberto is also a digital artist and professional photographer, having received several awards in that area, including a couple of interviews in design magazines, as Computer Arts magazine.

Skills range from logo design to complete websites design, or full online/printed magazine layout, photography and composites, Annual reports, brochures and ads. No matter how small or big, assignments are handled with quality and on budget.

Alberto is committed to client satisfaction, constantly updated in technical development in order to keep up with design trends.

Online Marketing and Analysis

online marketing and analyticsPABLO is our specialist in online paid advertising and analytics. After studying business administration and marketing, Pablo specialized in online marketing management tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Adcenter.
Paul has experience in a variety of industries including health, legal services, educational services, e-commerce, communications and many more. During his free time enjoying his friends, football and spending time with his family.

Content Writing and Editing

professional content writer and editorMICHELLE is our English content writer and editor, with extensive experience in writing ad copy and web page content for a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to: law services, dentistry, limo services, cable services, blogs, handmade furniture, medical services, and much more. When she is not writing for our clients, she is busy developing her photography and traveling the world when time allows.

English-Spanish Translation

English-Spanish translations and Spanish content writing and editingMARGARITA is our Spanish translator, content writer and editor. A language lover, she enjoys whatever linguistic challenge comes her way, and has extensive experience with web content writing and optimization. Her natural curiosity has led to a versatile career, translating academic papers, software, web content, official documents, scripts, publicity, etc., in the most varied niches: health, law, travel, business, marketing, online retail, environment or education, among others. In her free time, she hikes, reads and travels as much as she can, looking forward to doing it as much as she would like.